Why I love photography and want to provide you the best images.

I loved taking pictures as a kid. I can remember talking my grandfather into letting me have his old Kodak camera and buying the oddest sized film for it.  Then I managed to take over my dad’s Fuji SLR in high school.  I even saved enough money to buy a zoom lens for it.  It was in high school when I really found a deep love for photography.  I talked my high school counselor into letting me take a black and white film class at our local college on the Governor’s Scholar program and loved working in the dark room.

Over time I found that I loved the gasp, the sigh, the tears, the connections to old memories that a photograph moves a person to feeling again.  The ability to have someone transported to the moment and emotions connected with a photograph is magical.

Why are the emotions and reactions to a photograph so important? The emotions keep us alive, keep us going, reminding us of what we find important in our lives.  We eventually move past the emotions as the everyday moments keep coming and the mundane takes over.  The daily grind can be hard sometimes.  And when we view a particular image we may have forgotten, we are transported into those moments again, to relive them and to cherish them.

I hope you enjoy  viewing the site and will contact me to create beautiful images for you,

Rebecca Schreick